Curriculum Overview

A commitment to excellence as revealed by the character of God

At PCS, our vision is to see all students grown in wisdom, as well as in stature and in favour with God and men, just as young Jesus grew. We define wisdom practically as that which God would do if He were in our situation. Therefore, wisdom is rooted in the character of God. One of God’s inherent characteristics is excellence and so at PCS a commitment to excellence is at the heart of our academic program. 

In order to cultivate an attitude of excellence in the hearts of our students, we replace “the philosophy of teaching” with “the philosophy of learning.” Our objective is to implement the best techniques and procedures in light of the individual LEARNER and the academic RESULTS. To achieve this objective, we implement ACE’s five laws of learning.

A.C.E. School of Tomorrow Curriculum

The A.C.E. program provides students with a complete academic curriculum that includes skill building, goal setting, reading practice, character building, and Biblical integration. This complete package begins with reading development and progresses through high school, giving students a solid foundation for pursuing their life goals.

Students who are more skilled may progress at a faster rate or may accelerate in the areas of their academic strengths. Slower students are encouraged to do their best but are able to work at their levels of proficiency and proceed as they are capable.

Each core subject consists of 12 PACEs per level. Typical students work daily on one PACE in each subject and may be performing at varying levels. The diagnostic test results help to identify academic weaknesses and prescribe a path to help students catch up. Most students complete at least 84 PACEs per year while maintaining academic balance by completing about the same number of PACEs in each assigned subject.

In addition to the core curriculum, A.C.E. offers twenty elective courses beneficial to academic growth and development. Each of these courses adds interest and enhancement to the core curriculum.

Core Curriculum

Preschool with Ace and Christi

Lay a solid foundation on which to build the rest of a child’s education. This full-year Grade R programme features a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare children to be ready to read.

ABCs with Ace and Christi

A multisensory, phonetic, learning-to-read programme designed to prepare a child for the individualised Learning-to-Read programme. The programme encourages verbal and written communication through the use of games, songs, stories, poems and many other fun activities that young learners will enjoy.


Basic Math skills are introduced, developed, mastered, reviewed and consistently reinforced in a variety of imaginative ways throughout the material and levels from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Intermediate phase learners have an increased ability to learn and apply abstract thinking. This is a development process and preteens are not able to make all intellectual leaps, such as inferring a motive or reasoning hypothetically. Interpretative abilities develop during the intermediate phase as does the ability to recognise cause and effect sequences.


The English curriculum develops optimal language skills through its balanced scope and sequence. Each level moves learners step by step, continually building on traditional grammar and usage concepts. Ongoing review and testing provide regular evaluation of learners' progress in thinking, reading and writing skills. Each unit integrates Biblical and character-building principles.


For a language to be learned, it is first heard, then spoken, afterwards read then written. Thus for successful learning of the language and especially for first additional learners, the emphasis is on a strong communicative approach lending itself to a combination of group work and self-study.

Word Building

Word Building is a vocabulary-controlled study of selected words, root words, prefixes and suffixes, traditionally called spelling. Word Building is designed to build vocabulary, spelling skills as well as reading and writing. Children should be able to read even unfamiliar words and material when they have completed this programme.

Literature and Creative Writing

The A.C.E. Literature and Creative Writing course is designed to nurture a passion for reading and creative writing. Animated cartoon characters Ace, Christi and their friends, lead learners through foundational concepts of writing.

Social Studies

Social Studies (Sciences) is the study of people, their activities, customs and institutions in relationship to other people. Social Studies includes history, economics, geography and government. This course looks at world history and cultures from the perspective that God is the Designer, Creator and Controller of the universe.


Science is knowledge based on observed facts and tested truths, presented in an orderly fashion. Science includes the study of plants, animals, biology, physical science, chemistry and physics.

Curriculum Components

AEE Gold Status

We strive toward excellence and maintain a gold status with Accelerated Education Enterprises using the ACE curriculum.

Blended Learning

We offer a blended learning approach that combines AEE online learning with individualised mentoring by our qualified, dedicated staff.


Our students are able to matriculate with an IEB (NSC) exit qualification or the LCA (Lighthouse Christian Academy) certificate that follows the ACE curriculum.