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A Beacon of Hope

PCS has granted my daughter, Ntando Mahlangeni, the opportunity to learn a different curriculum that is pace-based. Although she struggled with it at first, watching her embrace it and challenging herself has been the best thing in her schooling life. The Christian values aligned with her studies have shaped her to be a considerate, kind and loving child.

Coming from a traumatic past and growing up with no father, the school environment, which is homely and family-orientated, has been a beacon of hope for her.

The support given by teachers, the tasks given to her to teach her responsibility and the Scripture memorisation which sees her receiving privileges is something I wish for all kids to be given.

Ntando is growing to be her own person with tailormade, individualised learning.

Busisiwe Mahlangeni

Absolutely the Best School

This is absolutely the best school I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! Teachers who really care about each child and their family; a real focus on growing a love for the Lord and His Word; producing children with beautiful Godly characters; very reasonable prices; small classes with individualised attention; and top quality education also. Wish there were more like this in the country.

Natalie Caw

PCS is the greatest school ever!

PCS is the greatest school ever. I like that my child is already showing improvement in learning, thanks to teachers who are doing a very special job.

Puma Fodo

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