Building Godly Character through Bible Based Education



Cornerstone Learning Communities are leading this exciting new educational initiative in South Africa, bringing affordable, high quality tertiary education to your doorstep.

What exactly does this mean?

It means the classroom is coming to you – and not the other way around. Cornerstone Learning Communities are leading this exciting new educational initiative in South Africa, bringing affordable, high quality tertiary education to your doorstep.


Our cutting-edge learning programmes will combine the convenience of e-learning with the social interaction and other benefits of traditional campus life. Online or distance learning can be lonely and our fully-equipped learning communities have been designed to change that.


Partnering with local churches, Cornerstone Learning Communities will use their facilities to create accessible micro-campuses near where you live. These communities will provide a shared learning experience in a supportive environment founded on Christian principles and a sense of community.

A university culture

Because we believe the learning process is multi-faceted and should also encompass social, cultural and character development, our programmes include the traditional activities of universities, such as: cultural and social interaction, counselling and community outreach projects.

Fully-accredited Programmes

Cornerstone Learning Communities offer a range of Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programmes – fully-accredited by the Council on Higher Education.

State-of-the-art technology

Students will be provided with video-delivered lectures and a 7” tablet to watch the video and download the supporting information. The programmes are structured and interactive and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and replay the lecture to ensure you understand the information.

How does it work?

On registration each student receives a tablet where they go through the interactive material on their own and then regularly assemble in their local Cornerstone Learning Community auditorium with other students in a virtual group discussing and unpacking the concepts and material presented in video lectures. These forums are led by a lecturer, tutor, mentor or subject expert.

Each Cornerstone Learning Community is fully equipped with:

  • A dedicated Resource Centre for students to access and use for study.
  • An auditorium for discussion forums, tutorial group meetings, live lectures, webinars and other virtual meetings for group sessions.
  • A video/projector equipment and internet access.
  • Tablets for registered students to use exclusively.
  • A church appointed and Cornerstone approved facilitator who will be responsible for managing day-to-day activities such as chapel and mentoring as well as overseeing workstation setup and
  • internet access and scheduling group video lectures.
  • Counselling and community outreach programmes.
  • Social sporting and cultural events and activities.
  • Stimulating discussion forums

Once you’ve gone through the videos and other academic material, you will join a lecturer-led forum where the lesson will be debated and ‘unpacked’ through countrywide video engagement with fellow students enrolled in your particular course. This creates an effective learning experience, allowing you to develop knowledge and skills through broader discussion and interaction with other students, ultimately preparing you for sound employment opportunities.

Character development

As our programmes are founded on Christian principles and delivered in a church environment, they are designed to develop the character, ethics and moral compass of every student, resulting in a well-rounded education dealing with the head, hands and heart.


Costs of our education programmes run at 30 to 40 percent lower than state-owned or private education institutions. In addition, studying through Cornerstone Learning Communities allows you to attend a tertiary education institute in your hometown and to study from home – therefore saving on transport costs and accommodation fees. Thus Cornerstone represents significant savings for parents. In short, it’s a bargain!